100 Random Things About M.L.

Last update: March 2017

1. Current TV/video obsession: Walking Dead, The Magicians, Daredevil, Supernatural, Games of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters.

2. I’m an Aries, but I’m on the cusp so I exhibit a lot of Pisces tendencies as well.

3. For those of you who are into Myers-Briggs personality type…I’m an INFJ. If you read a detailed analysis of the INFJ type, I’m pretty much a textbook example.

4. When I was little I was terrified of space aliens and Bigfoot. I was convinced either or both would climb through my window at night and carry me away.

5. Cooked zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables. Raw zucchini grosses me out.

6. I love snow. However, we get some pretty hard winters where I live, so my favorite season is summer…short-lived though it may be here. Give me the sun and heat, baby!!

7. I write on a 13″ Macbook Pro or my iPad Pro.

8. I’ve been…a preschool teacher, bookstore manager, bank secretary, retail clerk, BLS (Basic Life Support) instructor for docs and nurses, office temp, plant waterer (No kidding! In college I got paid to water all the plants in the biology department labs over holidays.), business owner twice (two very different types of businesses), a writer, an editor, and an accountant.

9. If I hadn’t become a writer I would have been either an archaeologist or a paramedic.

10. I’m a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a Karuna Reiki Master, and a Sekhem Reiki Master.

11. I read my first romance novel at the age of 12. It was The Flame and Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I snuck it off my mom’s bookshelf while she was traveling.

12. I’ve been in 45 of the 50 states.

13. I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, and several countries in Europe.

14. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen: snow-covered Pike’s Peak on a cold, sunny winter day.

15. Second most beautiful place: Canaveral National Seashore in Florida.

16. The most fascinating place I’ve ever been: Venice, Italy

17. My family and I are all Disneyphiles.

18. My sons claim I’m a potty mouth. I don’t deny it. LOL!

19. My husband is my best friend and a physics nerd.

20. My gaming passions…Plants vs. Zombies 2, and a ridiculous, addictive game I’ve been playing nonstop for a couple of years now called MonsterBusters (it’s like Candy Crush, but with monsters).

21. Have I mentioned I’m a gadget girl?

22. I was valedictorian of my high school class.

23. I got a C minus on the first paper I wrote in college. In a truly bizarre, abstract class that was a mishmash of philosophy, literature, and classics (as in Latin and Greek, not classic literature). I was totally lost most of the time, so, hey, I was proud of that C on that paper. LOL! Thankfully, I graduated four years later with a degree in English lit and a MUCH higher GPA. :)

24. I love the Denver Broncos. But I’m not ashamed to admit that when they’re not doing well (2016 *cough cough*) I get annoyed and don’t enjoy watching them. I guess that makes me a fair weather fan?

25. I LOVE Miyazaki films. Actually Studio Ghibli films in general, even the ones that aren’t Miyazaki.

26. If someone gave me a choice between coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, I’d take hot chocolate every time. Well…unless one of my choices was Starbucks Chai Tea, then I’d make an exception.

27. The one food I absolutely couldn’t live without: queso dip and tortilla chips. Okay, I know that’s two foods, but you just can’t have one without the other.

28. I didn’t start writing for money or fame, and still don’t. I write because it feeds my soul. Because I love to tell stories. And because I still love to play “pretend.”

29. I love Snoopy.

30. I have a not-so-secret addiction to buttered popcorn and juicy pear Jelly Bellies.

31. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s still my all time fave TV show. I only discovered it on DVD after it was already off the air. I own all 7 seasons of Buffy and all 5 seasons of Angel.

32. Spike or Angel? Definitely Spike. Love those beautiful eyes, the cheekbones, and that he’s quirky and imperfect. And him being a total bad boy who’s really a sensitive poet underneath doesn’t hurt either. I’m a sucker for sensitive bad boys.

33. Music artists/groups I never get tired of listening to: Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Barbara Streisand, Fleetwood Mac, Pink.

34. I’m a total Potterhead.  The Harry Potter universe is my absolute fave.  I’m a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, and in house Thunderbird at Ilvermorny. My patronus is a dolphin. :)

35. I’m probably one of the few grown women HP fans who didn’t fall in love with Sirius Black. I’m in love with Harry first and foremost and always have been since he was way too young for me to be crushing on him. Not sure what that says about me. LOL!

36. I have a pendulum. It works wicked well. I use it often.

37. My fave oracle/tarot deck: Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue. That’s what I use the most often. But I’m a collector of Tarot and other assorted card decks (I have around two dozen).

38. My first car was a used 1973 Mustang Mach I, red with a black stripe.

39. I have many tattoos and will probably get more.

40. I love the ocean.

41. But I also love the empty stretch of desert between the Arizona border and Barstow, California.

42. I love the Colorado mountains best of all.

43. I prefer silver jewelry to gold.

44. I love action movies, fantasy movies, and sci-fi movies. Come to think about it…most of the TV series I like fall into those same categories.

45. I have a B.A. in English, and started working on my masters in Anthropology/Archaeology but didn’t finish because I became a writer instead.

46. My favorite subject in college was Ancient Greek. It was also the hardest subject I’ve ever studied, and that’s including organic chemistry.

47. I’m right-handed.

48. Fave movies: All the Harry Potter movies, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit movies, any movie involving any Avenger, How To Train Your Dragon, The Matrix, Jumping Jack Flash, Independence Day (the original…not the awful sequel!), Twister, Notting Hill, Moonstruck, Batman Begins, the new Star Trek movies…and the list goes on. I love movies in general. It’s hard to pick just one.

49. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and around a dozen fish in my house.

50. I love dolphins and polar bears.  Foxes and wolves.  But dragons…dragons are my real thing. :)

51. My favorite desserts are brownies (but they have to have nuts in them), and my mom’s homemade banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

52. I make damn good margaritas. I’m famous for them. Really! (And I also do damn good guacamole!)

53. After seeing The Hobbit I developed a total addiction to Richard Armitage (Thorin, Guy of Gisborne, Lucas North…any character he plays in any movie/TV series is fine ’cause he is just a beautiful man. And that voice…ungh!))

54. When I was a young teenager I wanted a horse.

55. My dad got me a motorcycle instead. I was a speed demon on the thing. I wrecked it several times, even had an imprint of the handlebars on my chest once.

56. I sleep under a down comforter year round.

57. I drive a black Toyota 4Runner.

58. Thanksgiving (U.S.) is my favorite holiday. Followed by Yule/Christmas.

59. I’m the youngest in my family.

60. I’m a slave to the Weather Channel online. I keep the page open and look at the forecast and the radar several times a day.

61. I’m a movie cryer.  It doesn’t take much and I’m all leaky.  Happy, sad, sappy…anything that pings my emotions gets me started.

62. I spend too much money shopping online. Like waaay too much.

63.  I’m an introvert.

64. I’m a night owl.

65. I’m a homebody. Even though I’d consider myself well-traveled, I love, love, love to stay home. (See #63)

66. I like to shop at thrift stores.

67. I’m a pack rat. I save everything.

68. I played the flute from 4th – 10th grade. I still have my flute and can still remember some scales.

69. I also play the piano, but don’t do it often enough anymore to be decent at it.

70. I’m allergic to cats and pine trees. Therefore, naturally, I have cats in the house and I live in the middle of a pine forest.

71. I love roller coasters!

72. My paternal grandmother was an amazing psychic.

73. I use magick nearly every day in my life…for healing and for protection of my home, travels, family, and self.

74. My standard uniform for day and evening wear: jeans and a T-shirt (or in the winter, jeans and a sweater over a T-shirt). I’m very low maintenance when it comes to clothes.

75. I hate to dress up. I only do it if I absolutely have to.

76. And high heels….ha!  Never.  Ever.  Again.

77. My older son and I just bought a banjo. He plays the guitar already. I play…no stringed instruments at all. But we both want to learn the banjo.

78. In high school I played varsity basketball, volleyball, and ran track.

79. Fave chain restaurant: Right now its Tokyo Joes.

80. Fave classical music composer: a toss-up between Bach and Tchaikovsky.

81. What I’m most most proud of: My children and the intelligent, free-thinking, creative young men they’ve become.

82. My favorite pieces of art I have hanging in my office are a purple and teal pentacle my amazing artist friend Tara painted for me for my birthday one year, a pencil drawing of a nude warrior woman battling a dragon that my niece re-gifted to me for Christmas a few years back  (it was drawn by her honey years ago), and my tattooed wolfman picture (he reminds me of Oded Fehr with much longer hair).

83. Fave movie theater candy…Hot Tamales or Junior Mints.

84. My fave colors are violet and turquoise.

85. My one vice I haven’t and probably won’t give up anytime in the near future in spite of generally healthier habits? Mountain Dew.

86. I hate to wear shoes. I go barefoot as much as possible. When I have to wear shoes, in the summer I wear flip-flops, and in the winter I wear Ugg boots (’cause you can wear them with no socks)

87. It probably comes as no surprise to you at this point that I’m not really a girly-girl.

88. I absolutely HATE to grocery shop. It’s torture for me!

89. I have a dried-rice bag…one of the ones you heat in the microwave, then put on your aches and pains…but I heat it up every night before bed and use it as a foot warmer. Even in the summer.

90. I’m kind of a geek.  Okay, I’m totally a geek.  But you’ve probably already figured that out too.

91. I have a phobia that I’m going to leave my car doors unlocked when I’m out at a store, restaurant, etc. Probably 7 times out of 10, when I stop some place, I’ll get a few yards away, then have to go back to check the doors to be sure. 99% of the time they’re locked. I know this. But I still feel compelled to check. Um…okay, this sounds a bit obsessive/compulsive, doesn’t it?

92. I’m a Chap-Stick addict. Average number of times I apply lip balm each day? Probably 50 or 60. Hmm…that might be obsessive/compulsive, too, huh? But I never have chapped lips!

93. I have a stained glass dragon lamp on my desk.

94. Number of DVDs and Blu-rays hubby and I own: Somewhere around 600.  Now we buy less discs and we download or stream instead.

95. I have a gargoyle sitting on my desk. His name is Giles.

96. My perfect pizza: sausage, mushroom with extra cheese and extra mushrooms and red pepper.

97. I have four piercings in my left ear and two in my right. I also have my nose pierced.

98. I make my own candles.

99. Did I mention I love dragons?

100. And last but not least…my absolute fave thing to do in my free time is make pottery on the wheel.