About M.L.

Who is M.L. Rhodes?

I’m a woman of…let’s just say a certain age. Old enough to have experienced a fair amount of life, and young enough to still think I can do everything now that I did in my twenties. *g*

I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my hunky physicist husband, two college-aged sons, three dogs, two cats, and dozens of fish.

My oldest son is majoring in English and is a writer (fiction and screenplays), actor, and musician. My younger son’s majoring in anthropology and is a musician, actor, and linguist. They work each summer at the Colorado Renaissance Festival as members of the street cast, acting and creating “atmosphere” for the patrons who visit the faire. We homeschooled them from first grade through twelfth, which gave them lots of opportunities to follow their passions, and they have. It’s pretty cool to look at them now and see what amazing, intelligent, motivated young men they are. Interestingly enough, they both aspire to be teachers. My oldest plans to get his graduate degrees and be a college professor. My youngest is completely geared toward moving to Japan and teaching English there.  They’re pretty awesome dudes, and, yeah…I’m a proud mama.  :)

I love ink, as in tattoos. I currently have 10…or 12? Can’t remember. A lot. LOL!  And I’m probably not done. I’m sure there will be more eventually.

When I’m not writing, my next love is making pottery, so you can often find me in my home pottery studio. I’ve been throwing for about eight years now and I’m completely addicted. It’s amazingly meditative.

I do all my writing on a 13″ MacBook Pro, which travels around the house and, in warm weather, outside with me. In the summer, my favorite place to write is on the swing on my deck surrounded by ponderosa pines and aspen trees. In the winter, and often well into the spring, the outside writing forays aren’t usually an option, since the deck is often buried under several feet of snow. It’s not unusual for us to have snow well into April and sometimes even May. Which means from October through May I mostly work in my office.

I’ve been writing professionally for over twenty years. I started off writing non-fiction articles, and then progressed to fiction. The first story I ever wrote and had published was a young adult novel. Actually, I wrote two and they were both pubbed. Then I moved to romantic suspense, then to erotic romance, and then to gay romantic fiction where I’ve been very happily making a living since 2006. Since that first YA novel I’ve had over three dozen novellas and novels published (and a handful of short stories), with a half-dozen more in the works. I never run out of story ideas, only out of time to write them all!

If you still want more info, you can visit my Photo Gallery, or read 100 Random Things about M.L.