Fires of Ballian update….

If you’re wondering about Fires of Ballian and how I had hoped to have it up for sale by mid-June…um…obviously that didn’t happen.  I am SO sorry!!!  The elbow thing really, really messed up all my writing/publishing plans for the past couple of months.  I had posted in late May, hoping I was on the mend and would be able to get revisions done, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I had a relapse in June (and again I don’t fricking know how I caused the whole mess to flare up again, just like I don’t know what started the problem in the first place, argh!!!!). That relapse put me almost back at square one, unable to type more than a few lines at a time (or hold my damn eyeliner pencil, or any pencil or pen for that matter, or pick up a drink, or even shift my car into gear).  I was able to do some sewing because I don’t really have to use my right hand and arm for anything strenuous as I’m at my sewing machine (and I had help with the cutting out of the fabric). But writing, holding my laptop, using the trackpad, or typing for any period of time was another thing. (And all my yard work that needed to be done…hahaha, in my dreams.)  Annnnyway, it turned out that my massage therapist (who I’m pretty sure must be some kind of god) is the one who finally starting bringing me some relief. I’ve been seeing him weekly for the past month and every week he works on my arm and elbow, which isn’t always very pleasant at the time, but every week it’s been getting noticeably better after my sessions with him.  So…I’ve finally been able to get back to work, bit by bit.  I actually worked for a couple of hours straight yesterday.  Hallelujah!!

My new, revised, plan is to have Fires of Ballian up for sale at Amazon by the end of July or the very beginning of August! I’m fine-tuning and adding a bit of content in a couple of scenes, and once that’s done, hopefully it won’t take too long to get it formatted and uploaded.  So please bear with me a big longer, and I promise I will do my level best to have the third book ready for re-release shortly!

4 thoughts on “Fires of Ballian update….

  1. Hope your elbow is doing much better now! I already have every thing that has already been released, just wandering if there have been enough changes made to any of the new re-releases that I should rebuy? Looking forward to Dark Magic Rising and Circle of Ariend. Take care!

  2. Been a while since i was on the blog, as always cant wair for circle of ariend and dark magic rising. Sad to see amber press close but when one door opens. Maybe one day ill be able to listen on auidible? Hrmmmm…. *hugs* all my love to you M.L

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