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Hi everyone! Just a quick update on how things are coming with the Draegan Lords series as far as re-releases and new releases.  True of Heart (Book 1) and Lords of Kellesborne (Book 2) are out now and available at Amazon (free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited). I’m currently revising Fires of Ballian (Book 3). It definitely needed some TLC–there were parts of it that I’d always felt were rushed, so I’m glad I have the opportunity to do some work on it and add some content that I wish had been in the original version.  I had hoped to have it finished and up for sale this month (May), but I’ve had a bit of a stumbling block that’s kept me from doing as much writing/revising as I’d hoped over the past few weeks.

I have a pretty severe case of lateral epicondylitis raging right now–aka “tennis elbow.” It’s inflammation of the tendons that run between your wrist and your elbow, and it can also affect the forearm muscles. It typically occurs from specific repetitive motions like, for example, gripping and swinging a racquet (hence, tennis elbow), except it doesn’t have to be sports-injury related. You can get it from any kind of repetitive motion that involves gripping something in your hand–painting, for example, or playing certain musical instruments, or really anything that creates that particular type of motion. In my case, the most frustrating part of it is that I have NO idea what caused mine. I first noticed it in probably early-mid April, and it just continued to get worse and worse.  I know specific types of things I do each day that now give me excruciating pain, so obviously I’ve stopped doing them, but none of them are things I do all the time. Maybe once or twice a day.  Like lifting the heavy metal door on my big dog’s crate with that hand/arm.  Lifting my laptop using one hand. Blow drying my hair (because, I guess, of gripping my blow dryer). Weird. But it’s possible it’s just a combination of all those things that added up, or maybe I injured it in some other way I just don’t remember. I’ve had a couple of people say it might be using a mouse–except I never use a mouse. I use the trackpad on my laptop, and if I’m on my desktop computer I have a trackball, which I started using probably 10-15 years ago because of tendinitis in my wrist. So…yeah…I’m not sure what’s caused it.  I just know it fricking hurts.  I’m trying very hard to avoid any kind of movement now that gives me pain (duh!) but there are days where I can’t lift even a plastic cup with my right hand. I’ve had a couple of days where I haven’t been able to grip my damn eyeliner pencil without causing agony in my elbow! I’ve also had days where my pinky and ring finger on that side are completely numb and useless because, as I understand it, a nerve is getting pinched up by my elbow. Ugh!! Needless to say, writing has been really tough because of numbness and/or pain.

I am working as I’m able, and I’m making progress.  It’s just taking a bit longer than I’d hoped since my usual method is to close my office door and write like a mad woman for 12 or 18 hours straight until something’s done. I can’t do that right now. I’m lucky to get an hour or two at a time, on a good day. It is improving, but it’s a slow process, so please bear with me. Right now, my revised goal for having Fires of Ballian finished and released is mid-June. Stay tuned here on my website and I’ll post when it’s available! I’m also pretty active on Twitter, so you can always check my page there for current updates. :)

In the meantime, I hope you’ve had a great May, and I’ll see you with Fires in June!


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