Quick Update

Familiar_newmedThe summer was…ugh…really hard. As many of you may know, my mom passed away in the spring, and I was the executor of her estate. It was extremely difficult, the whole process. Dealing with the grief of losing my mom, with whom I was very close, and at the same time having to handle not only all the paperwork and financial stuff for her estate, but get her house ready to sell which, in and of itself, was a MAJOR endeavor. If anyone ever tells you that being the executor of an estate is easy…it’s not. It’s hard work, time consuming, and emotionally exhausting.  Needless to say I didn’t get nearly as much writing done over the summer as I had planned.  But now that my mom’s house is sold (as of the end of September), at last my life is my own again.  Whew!  So I’ve been fairly productive the past several weeks. I added around 14,000 words to Familiar and it is now officially re-released and available for sale at the Kindle store as of November 1st! You can find the buy link on my “Books” page. :)




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