Re-releases coming in June!

Check out my books page after you read this.  I’ve added some info on it.  Starting in June, I’ll begin re-releasing my back list.  All of my books have been unavailable since the end of March when my former publisher, Amber Quill Press, closed.  I’m excited to be releasing the books through my own publishing company, Kellesborne Press!

Some readers will probably wonder why I’ve chosen to start with the titles I have.  The answer is simple….the first few books to come back out are stories that have been some of my most popular, they’re stories that are, for the most part, getting a fresh edit but that don’t require re-writing or additional content, and the first couple will still even have the same covers they’ve had in the past.  All of this made them ideal choices for me to re-release first because, quite frankly, they’re the easiest to put back up while I’m learning the ropes of self publishing.  :)  Once I’ve gone through the process a time or two or three, and have a feel for what’s what, then I’ll begin adding in books that require more attention (books that are getting new covers and/or new content and/or are part of a series where I want the whole series to come out together).  So first up will be Wanting and Out of My Mind.  These are two of my older titles, both contemporaries, and both have been some of my top sellers over the years.  From there, I’ll be re-releasing Familiar, which is newer, but it’s also been quite popular, and it’s a contemporary fantasy/paranormal. It’s going to take me a while to get all my books back up, so I want to try to balance contemporaries with paranormal/fantasies in order for readers to have a mix available.   After Familiar, I’ll be releasing a novel called Turn Up the Heat.  This is based on my contemporary short novella Bring the Heat. Bring the Heat was always a great seller for me, but I’ve had lots of readers over the years say they wished it was longer, wished Dane and Riley had more time together in the story, wished the murder mystery had been more fully fleshed out.  I had not looked at Bring the Heat in years, but when I reread it this past month, I agreed with most of those comments.  When I originally wrote that story, I was going through a streak of writing mostly novellas, so I think I was just in that “short” mindset.  But in retrospect, I realize I did some of those old stories an injustice by keeping them short. And Bring the Heat is an example of that. So…when Turn Up the Heat is released, I expect it to be twice as long as the original short novella.  Same sexy Dane and sweet Riley, same story premise, even the same cover photo (which I’ve always loved!!), just…more. More character development, more plot, more romance, and more intimate moments as well.  ;) It will be a full-length novel and, because of that, it will also finally be available in paperback down the road!

For those of you waiting for the re-release of the Draegan Lords series, I made the decision to wait until later in the summer (probably late August) to start putting those out.  My reason is three-fold.  First, all of the stories in the series except An Unexpected Magick and Dark Magick Rising will be getting new covers, so I need to give my cover artist time to create those.  Second, I actually have some clean-up to do on the first books in the series…there are some continuity issues (minor, but pesky) that I’ve been dying to fix, so I want to have time to go through them and tweak before putting them out again.  And third, I’m slowly working my way through Dark Magick Rising and I want to re-release the first four books closer to the time when Dark Magick will be ready.  Realistically, by the time I finish writing it, have time to get it beta-read and edited, and get it formatted and ready to go, that probably won’t happen until this coming fall.  Hence waiting until the end of summer before I start re-releasing the others.

It takes a fair amount of work to self publish, so I ask readers to please bear with me as I plow through my back list to get books re-released, and balance that with writing new material.  I’d like to say I could just wave my magic wand and have all my old stories available instantly, but in real life it doesn’t work that way.  I wish, but…  LOL! There’s re-reading, in some cases re-writing, re-editing, new covers for some, formatting, and a slew of other hoops to jump through.  It all takes time, but since writing is my sole job now, the cool thing is that I finally HAVE time to get stuff done!  I expect it to take 9-12 months to re-published my entire back list, but I also plan to have some new stories mixed in with that, and few old stories re-imagined and rewritten as well. I hope readers will think the wait is worth it.  I’m actually excited about it and looking forward to this next year!

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