Self-publishing my back list…update

I wanted to post a note saying that things are slowly coming along toward re-publishing my back list!  As I mentioned in January, I will be self-publishing all my current titles, and will also definitely self-publish the remainder of my Draegan Lords series when I finish those books.  Anything else I write new, as of right now I plan to self publish those as well, though I haven’t ruled out the possibility of submitting occasional works to a publisher or two.  But for now, my books will be released under my own publishing company’s label–Kellesborne Press.  If you’re familiar with my Draegan Lords books, yes that Kellesborne.  :)

I have twenty-four titles to re-release.  Some of them that were previously combined into paperback anthologies may not be in the future.  All of my novel-length books will be in paperback.  And that includes ALL my Draegan Lords titles, some of which have been combined before, but now they’ll each be available in paperback individually.  Some of my shorter stand-alone stories may end up being ebook only.  However, if I get lots of requests for shorter ones to be combined in paperback, then I’ll consider it.  Actually, that’s one of the nice things about self-pubbing…I can change my mind or re-evaluate at any point.

My next adventure this month (February) is to learn how to do the conversion for the various ebook formats. I’m looking at the different programs out there and I’ll be downloading and trying a couple to see what I like best.  Meanwhile, I’m going to be going through each of my books and doing some tidying up before I put them back out.  Rights to all my books return to me on March 31st, so I can begin re-releasing anytime after that.  But it’s a lot of work to get them all cleaned-up and formatted and converted, so while I *might* have some ready to go in April, I’m thinking May is probably more likely for the first batch since I’m sure there will be a learning curve for the conversion and uploading.  I’ll keep you posted here and on my Facebook page as I set specific release dates.

hunkwithroseIn the meantime, all my titles will continue to be available at the Amber Quill website until March 30th.  And they’ll  be available at most major vendors (Amazon, ARE, B&N, iBookstore) between now and probably at least early March.

If you have any questions, drop me a note!  Until the next update…happy February!




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