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Whether you’re already one of my regular readers or you’re just now discovering my stories, I’m glad you found my website!  As M.L. Rhodes I predominantly write gay male romantic fiction. My m/m romances have been regular ebook bestsellers at the Amazon Kindle Store, All Romance Ebooks, B&N, and other venues. And several of my paperback titles have spent extended time (months in many cases) on the Amazon.com gay, fantasy, and dark fantasy bestseller lists.  As Mare Rhodes, in the near future I will be re-releasing some of my previously published and bestselling hetero romances that were originally pubbed under a couple of different pen names.

My back list and upcoming releases run the gamut from contemporaries to the dark and dangerous to epic fantasies — hopefully a little something to please everyone! You can see a few examples of my m/m fiction above, but there are many more on my “Books” page.  So please take a look around, and see if there’s anything that interests you!  My books were recently rendered homeless when my publisher closed, but in June 2016 I will start re-releasing my back list via my own publishing company, Kellesborne Press!  So check back often over the next several weeks, since I’ll be posting release dates, as well as updates as my books are once again up for sale!

Happy reading!

M.L. Rhodes  :-D